Ex-President in Bornheim – artist puts begging Trump on the street

Bornheim – The crash of Donald Trump (74) happened very quickly. Now the ex-US president is even sitting at a lantern in Bornheim (NRW) – as a beggar.

The dark blue suit wrinkled and dirty, the shirt slipped out of the waistband, a mug with a few banknotes in front of him – that’s how the once most powerful man in the world sits leaning against a lamppost. He wrote “Make me great again” in capital letters on a cardboard sign.

The man who attracts attention in Bornheim-Rösberg is of course not the real Trump. It is a figure made of silicone, plaster of paris, aluminum foil and Russian goat hair that the artist Jana Merkens (30) created – 90 centimeters tall, about four kilos.

“It is a commissioned work for an Austrian art collector,” says the young woman who made headlines last year with a Beethoven in XXL format and who also created Angela Merkel as a homeless person.

Incidentally, the impoverished Trump only sat with the paper cup on the sidewalk for one photo session. Because it cannot be picked up due to the corona, Merkens has now stowed it in the attic for the first time.


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