Eviction on Thursday: Showdown at the occupied bar “Meuterei” in Berlin

Berlin – The evacuation of the left scene bar “Meuterei” casts its glaring shadows: 23 burned down cars in four days, demos with pyros and bengalos, scuffles and arrests.

On Tuesday evening, around 1200 left-wing extremists, many of them hooded, marched through Kreuzberg. The traffic collapsed in the city, the police were on duty with 650 men. Seven autonomous people were arrested and 22 criminal charges were filed!

All of this suggests nothing good for the clearing of the “mutiny” in Reichenberger Strasse in Kreuzberg, which was scheduled for this morning. The bailiff announced her visit for 8 a.m. with eviction notice in hand. Protected and escorted by probably several hundred police officers.

During a demonstration on Tuesday evening, 22 criminal charges were written and seven people were provisionally arrested

Photo: DAVIDS / Christina Kratsch

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A banner with the inscription “Bad weather, hard times – Fight for the pack !!” hangs on a balcony in Reichenberger Strasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

Showdown about the “mutiny”!

Because left groups announced five counter-demos on Thursday, three of them with the destination in front of the occupied pub. With a good 700 participants, but there will probably be more in the course of the day. And many of them are believed to be violent

The police have therefore drawn a restricted zone around the pub since Wednesday afternoon. The ban mile remains in place until midnight. Residents only have access with ID.

Map: Road closures in Berlin

Do the autonomists have a grip on the city? Is there a “left power” over the sovereignty of the street when it comes to chaos and violent protest? Tom Schreiber (42), domestic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives, says: “We are dealing with people here who are only concerned with committing crimes. Willingness to dialogue? Nothing! It’s about spreading fear and terror among Berliners. Cars are set on fire at random, but politicians are also deliberately harassed with attacks on citizens’ offices. “

Or is it all just a fun guerrilla – based on the motto of a demo, which was also announced for Thursday: “Riots and Remmidemmi against any eviction!”? Which sounds more like a Deichkind concert.

Map / Karte: Cars are burning again in Berlin - Infographic
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On Tuesday night, several cars burned in Metzer Strasse

Photo: spreepicture

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Three of the vehicles destroyed by the flames in daylight

Photo: Ufuk Ucta

Tom Schreiber: “No, you really can’t see that. But it is frightening: There are almost still children, teenagers, 18-year-olds, young adults. My suspicion is: They are literally recruited in the scene in order to then throw bottles or stones at demos. And that’s where the fun ends! “

What worries the scene connoisseur: “We are dealing here with extremely violent individual perpetrators among the left-wing autonomists. And the mobilization is still working. “

The rioters gave a foretaste of what might happen this morning with the evacuation on Tuesday evening: Under the slogan “We are ungovernable – defend mutiny & Rigaer 94”, the elevator started at 6:40 pm with 700 participants in Reichenberger Strasse.

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On Tuesday evening, more than a thousand mostly young people demonstrated against the eviction

Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

Mortal danger then for the police officers at the house in Rigaer Strasse 94: At around 8 p.m., a pot of fog was thrown from the roof and landed right next to officers from a team of officers.

The police put an end to the violence at 8:08 p.m. The train stopped at the Frankfurter Tor and dissolved.

No lease since 2019

The neighborhood café “Meuterei” was founded in 2009 on Reichenberger Strasse. A “collective” rented the shop space in order to set up a bar with political and cultural events. In addition to the regular operation, events with readings, Kiez meetings and painting and games Sundays took place in the pub. Legal advice was also offered.

Two years later the sale: In 2011 the house on Reichenberger Straße was sold on to “Vivum Consulting GmbH” on behalf of “Zelos Properties GmbH”.

The “mutiny” wanted to motivate the residents to resist – to no avail. Most of the tenants left, in exchange for severance payments and termination of their leases.

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A man from Rigaer Strasse – a left-wing center in Berlin – demonstrates with a Bengalo against the eviction of the trendy bar “Meuterei”

Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

The pub stayed and sued for an extension of another five years. This led to dismissal and a lawsuit, which the mutiny won.

In mid-2019 it was finally over: the commercial lease was not extended ….

Demonstrations will take place here on Thursday

► Warschauer Straße on the RAW site, start: 6 a.m., end: 2 p.m. – “Against gentrification from the city center”

► Herrfurthplatz Neukölln, beginning at 6 a.m. with a march to Reichenberger Strasse through Neukölln and Kreuzberg; End: 12 noon, 100 participants; Motto: “Preserve and defend neighborhood culture from below. Mutiny remains! “

► Köpenicker Straße at 6 a.m. with 300 registered participants; Destination: Reichenberger Straße – Motto: “Riots and Remmidemmi – against any eviction!”

Arson attacks shake Berlin Cars explode in the middle of the capital

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Source: Spreepicture


► Rigaer-Ecke-Silvio-Meier-Straße in Friedrichshain, start: 6 a.m., end 6 p.m. with 100 participants – motto: “Friedrichshain against eviction”

► Potsdamer Strasse from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Potsdamer Strasse to Reichenberger Strasse with 300 participants – motto: “Eviction of the Kiezkneipe Meuterei”

In addition, “decentralized resistance actions” of the left-wing scene throughout the city were announced on the Internet.


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