Even caught so often: Parents send child (8) to steal

Saarbrücken – What kind of role models are they? In Saarland, parents sent their child (8) to steal into a “Tedi” supermarket in the Saarbrücken pedestrian zone!

According to police, the boy left the store with shopping bags full of goods.

The act took place on Saturday around 4 p.m. in Bahnhofstrasse. A witness noticed the child and notified the staff.

According to previous knowledge, the biological parents have abused the child and its incapacity to enrich themselves – the parents have already had trouble with the police several times because of shoplifting.

A police spokesman to BILD: “The child is not responsible until the age of 14. Nevertheless, a complaint of theft is forwarded to the public prosecutor. ”It will probably be discontinued.

The spokesman continued: “We are preparing criminal proceedings against the parents for shoplifting and are also presented to the public prosecutor. The then judges whether the parents acted as perpetrators or instigators. It is therefore important for us to receive information from witnesses about the previous offense. ”Notes: 0681-9321233.


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