Eurojackpot on March 11th: The lottery numbers for the €72 million jackpot

Fever every Friday lotto-Players across Europe towards this draw. There are prizes in the tens of millions. Up to 90 million euros are possible. A real lucky guy who wins here.

There are currently 72 million euros in the jackpot!

Chic house, car, great vacation, never have to go to work again… With a bigger lottery win, for example at the Eurojackpot, such dreams come true.

Do you want to crack the giant jackpot? Then give your tip. For the main prize you need 7 correct numbers: 5 winning numbers and 2 Euro numbers. The chance of winning is 1:95 million.

Read the Eurojackpot numbers from March 11, 2022 at BILD.

Do you have the current one? Eurojackpot* (AD) cracked?

Eurojackpot numbers: 5 – 31 – 39 – 46 – 49
Euro numbers: 8 – 9

The information is without guarantee!

Do I have to pay taxes on lottery winnings?

No. Lottery winnings, like all luck-based winnings, are not taxable.

Taxes only apply if a profit is made from the lottery win. Such income, e.g. B. from investments made with lottery money or from real estate bought after winning are taxed as normal.

What if I win the lottery?


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