Essen: Police secure a car with plaster casts for dentures

Eat – When the car became independent, action had to be taken quickly. And so finally 32 plaster teeth “clenched” on a small car …

A police patrol discovered a silver Smart on a parking lane on Witteringstrasse in Essen, which had rolled onto a VW Golf behind him. The two officers pushed the car a little further forward – and were now desperately looking for a way to secure it.

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The independent dental technician Jürgen Schlingloff (63), who has his laboratory across the street, was able to help. He quickly grabbed two old plaster casts for dentures, tucked the pearly whites under the two rear tires – and blocked them that way.

Plaster of paris tooth prints as an auto-roll-away lock: You have to come up with the idea first!

Photo: Bianca Weiner

Schlingloff: “The Smart driver, a woman in her mid-40s, came to my workshop and said that she was at the doctor’s and had simply forgotten to put on the handbrake. Later she came back and gave me a pack of Merci. She was really very grateful, also to the police. “

But the lady was also really lucky, because nothing was broken on the Golf behind her car, nor did she receive a complaint from the officials.

Teaser picture

Instead of a snappy lecture, the smart driver received this friendly message from the police

Photo: Essen Police / dpa

“The colleagues did not write a complaint because there was no damage to the other car. Instead, they left the nice piece of paper with the message, ”said the police.

A short time later, the vehicle owner reported on social media and thanked the Essen police for their work.


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