Escape to Germany with a baby ++ Born in a hail of bombs – two small miracles in Ukraine

War has been raging in Ukraine since the attack by Russia’s tyrant Vladimir Putin (69). The population suffers, but even in this dark hour there are small miracles.

Successful escape to Germany with baby!

Lviv – Happiness in the midst of chaos. Thorsten, Julia (both 38/names changed) and their five-day-old daughter Josephine are safe. They made it out of Ukraine.

The couple became parents last weekend in Kyiv thanks to a surrogate mother. Josephine was born when bombs exploded outside. “We spent the first day with our baby in the basement of the clinic,” says Thorsten. Then dramatic escape in completely overcrowded trains.

Mother Julia (38) with baby Josephine fleeing embattled KyivPhoto: Getty Images

Moving: “When the train stopped at a small station, all the doors opened. Ukrainian men and women brought noodles, rice, soups and chocolate,” says Thorsten.

Frontier felt compassion

In Lemberg, 40 kilometers from the Polish border, they stayed in an apartment for one night. Then the miracle at the border: a Ukrainian officer waved them through. Even though they didn’t have papers for the baby. Because the German embassy in Kyiv had long been deserted.

Six children born in a hail of bombs

Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin (69) is responsible for THESE pictures from a hospital bunker in Kyiv. A pregnant woman lies on a mattress on the floor, stroking her stomach. Another perseveres on a wooden bench.

BILD reporter Paul Ronzheimer reported from on site: “Six babies were born today alone.” Instead of being born in a real hospital, they were born in the bunker. Ronzheimer: “They are born and already experience the war in Ukraine.”

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