Escape the ‘debtor’ scene thanks to Covid-19

BrotherNightly partying caused Verena Hallam to owe up to £ 13,000. Now she realized her ability to make money is limited, only saving is the end.

Verena Hallam, 31 years old, is a freelance SEO writing consultant in Lancaster, and often spends £ 400 a month (more than 12 million dong) on ​​socializing with friends. “I often go out at night and all the exchanges are in the bar”, the girl shared.

In 2013, she owed £ 13,000 due to her spending habits. Since then, she has worked and paid off the debt. “My condition has reached the point where there is absolutely no balance after paying taxes, bills and debts. It was the moment I awoke,” she said.

Like many others, Verena Hallam has saved money from pandemic. Image: Dailymail.

It is the pandemic that has contributed to change Verena’s wallet. “Because I can’t go out for lunch or drink with you, I’ve saved a lot of money. I found saving in other areas easier with a few changes in habits,” she said. .

Her savings actions include: switching types of bank accounts on offer; sell and buy second hand furniture online; regularly take advantage of free or low-cost sample meals. She only buys second hand clothes and expensive used cosmetics. “I have made quite a bit of money in the past six months by selling old appliances and furniture on social media,” she said.

Verena learned recipes to make delicious favorites like home restaurants during the Covid-19 period. One act of significant savings is to drop out of the expensive gym, switch to home practice, and cycle with a boyfriend. Currently, she spends 300-400 pounds per month on food, fuel and household goods if she needs to supplement.

In these ways, she paid off the debt in October 2020 and has now saved £ 4,000.

Learning how to cook helps Verena save money while enjoying a delicious meal.  Photo: Dailymail.

Learning how to cook helps Verena save money while enjoying a delicious meal. Image: Dailymail.

Thanks to the above skill, Verena has also earned cheap vacations. She recently went out with a friend to Cologne (Germany) for the weekend, spending £ 100 and £ 10 on tickets. Before that in 2019, Verena and her boyfriend also had a week off in Crete (Greece), spending less than £ 200 each.

“After years of impulsive spending and six years of debt repayment, completely cutting off all non-essentials to fix the consequences, I now have a healthy relationship with money,” she said.

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