Epigeneva: cultivating the beauty of today to preserve that of tomorrow

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DELTA DIRECT LIVE – The world of cosmetics continues to evolve and reinvent itself. If the purely aesthetic aspect was the priority decades ago, a major turning point has taken place. Today, women aspire to take care of themselves with inspiring, inspired and ethical brands. Epigeneva draws its DNA from the epigenetic way of life, the marriage between beauty, well-being and wild nature. The virtues of the planet have been studied and extracted to provide the best for the body and mind of women around the world.

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Epigenetics and beauty: a meaningful synergy

The 25 years in the cosmetics industry, coupled with a long international experience in biology, led Alexandre Rio to imagine his own vision of beauty. In 2018, Epigeneva is positioned on the market with an elementary dogma: beauty plays a central role in everyone’s health.

The keystone of the brand, the epigenetic lifestyle opens the door to natural well-being. To afford the beauty of tomorrow, you have to capitalize on your efforts today with care routines that anticipate future deadlines. The living envelope of our body, the skin reflects our state of mind. You should know that humans lose between 50 and 70 billion cells every day. As for the skin, it renews itself every 28 to 45 days; a woman will “make” about 1200 skins all her life. This renewal of our skin takes place under the influence of our heredity, our experience, but especially elements related to our way of life. All these choices will promote positive biology thanks to micro-RNAs, capable of activating the right beauty switches participating in the preservation of the skin.

The heroes of nature as inspiration

Anticipating tomorrow’s needs in order to afford younger-looking skin is a promise that the brand is cultivating with its star active ingredients “Beauty of tomorrow”. The brand has also developed multifunctional complexes to meet the daily needs of the skin. Epigeneva is thus part of a plea for nature and its occupants.

In collaboration with scientists, the Swiss brand drew inspiration from the extraordinary abilities and diets of the hummingbird and salamander. The best of the plants and minerals of these genius species were extracted to develop new and efficient formulas. This exploration of the environment has consented to unearth and apply purely innate beauty secrets to constitute its “Beauty of today” complexes.

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Two ranges with targeted promises

These three years of research have resulted in the creation of two complementary ranges.

The energy range: the hummingbird, a wonder of nature

Far from being chosen at random, the hummingbird is a species with extraordinary biological and physical powers; 1260 heartbeats per minute, muscle consumption ten times greater than in humans and the ability to fly backwards. The brand drew on the plant extracts present in the flowers and trees that it usually consumes. The result is a unique trio of active ingredients adopted by each product in the range:

– Young sunflower shoots for energy production of the skin,

– Hibiscus flowers to soothe stress-prone skin,

– Birch sap providing hydration and vitality.

The regeneration range: the salamander as a benchmark

Heroine of the wilderness, the salamander is famous for the regular renewal of its metabolism. It is even the only species endowed with a cellular reprogramming of complete regeneration. His secret? ERK biology. The care in the range is thus based on three elements from the animal’s ecosystem:

– The biopeptide Perkiol to preserve the beauty of the skin,

– Snail secretion contributing to progressive skin rebirth,

– Pea extract as protection for source cells.

Exceptional, aesthetic and responsible care

The brand abstracts itself from the simple assembly of isolated elements by favoring a harmonious composition with the effectiveness proven by clinical cosmetic tests. Epigeneva has respected the natural environment of the hummingbird and salamander by creating signature scents. Between intimacy and serenity, the beauty ritual turns into a bubble of decompression and well-being.

Being inspired by the planet necessarily means choosing ecological packaging. Cellophane and plastic are replaced by etched glass and wooden stoppers from a protected forest. Meeting European standards and manufactured among the best production units in the world, the products ensure exemplary safety.

Epigeneva is inspired by each woman by offering her a real self-confidence break. Taking care of your skin today to guarantee the positive repercussions of tomorrow is the brand’s credo. This meteoric rise, gradually moving towards the French market, gives rise to a universal invitation to beauty and philosophy.




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