Enthusiastic moments blushing women’s underwear football tournament

Thursday, January 14, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Many female players in bikinis compete in a shy scene when their opponents act to deflect their costumes.

Legends Football League, the American women’s football tournament is not too popular, but is still an indispensable “spiritual food” for a portion of the people of the United States. This tournament was founded in 2009 by Mitchell S. “Mitch” Mortaza, has 8 teams competing in circle, and the special thing is that the participants are wearing bikini.

Legends Football League underwear rugby league

The matches of “Internal Rugby” are 35 minutes long, inspired by the “Lingerie Bowl”, the match of cheerful lingerie cheerleaders, takes place during the break of Super Bowl (American rugby championship match).

With the aim of attracting the audience, especially the men and women who come to see, players must wear underwear to qualify for the competition. The female athletes, apart from the professional factor, must have a beautiful face and body for the tournament to create more and more attraction.

Many beautiful girls, wearing “hot” costumes compete and that is the main reason why many matches are not of high professional quality. Wearing fragile outfits for strong opposition, so the incidents related to the outfit were numerous, it created many “blushing” images for players and spectators.

* Some pictures at the tournament

Enthusiastic moments

Enthusiastic moments

Enthusiastic moments

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