English skill training course with the same price of 199,000 VND

Unica offers online courses to practice English reading, speaking, pronunciation, and grammar skills on Shop VnExpress, with the same price of 199,000 VND per course.

Social distancing, staying at home to prevent the epidemic is an ideal time to hone social skills, participate in online courses, and improve knowledge. Shop VnExpress and Unica collaborate to bring a series of English skills training courses at home with a preferential price of only VND 199,000 with a variety of durations from 7-24 days, depending on the lesson plan.

Online learning is not only useful, training skills, cultivating knowledge for yourself, but also an effective way to kill time during the epidemic. Photo: Canva

Learn to speak English

Speaking – speaking is one of the 4 main skills when learning English. The one-week “Learn to speak English” course consists of 36 lectures. The course lasts 6 hours and 7 minutes, helping students practice skills in using more than 600 basic English words.

At the same time, students also practice better pronunciation, better reflexes when conversing in English, creating a solid foundation for developing listening, reading and writing skills. The course is managed by lecturer Tran Thanh Tung. Register to buy here for 199,000 VND.

Correct pronunciation errors

Besides practicing reflexes when conversing in English, correct and correct pronunciation is the most important factor to help you speak a foreign language well. In order to understand what a foreigner is saying and to respond and respond fluently, it is first necessary to pronounce correctly and correctly. Wrong pronunciation leads to confusion when hearing foreigners pronounce correctly, not understanding what they say.

The course “18 classic English pronunciation correction recipes for Vietnamese people” led by lecturer Dau Thi Sim will help students correct common pronunciation errors encountered by Vietnamese people to communicate in English with a native accent. . Students can find the optimal and effective pronunciation learning method for themselves, know how to catch errors and correct pronunciation errors, for more fluent communication. See more course information and register here.

Practice pronunciation with hand gestures

The method of pronunciation practice by hand gestures is quite new compared to the traditional teaching and training methods. The course is for those who are just starting to learn English or want to improve their standard English pronunciation skills.

Pronunciation is considered the foundation of every language for beginners. If you have lost your English roots and want to confidently communicate with foreigners with standard British-American pronunciation, you can also try to practice again with this 24-day course. Lecture by lecturer Nguyen Van Hao, see more information here.


IELTS is one of the important English certifications, necessary for international study and work-oriented subjects. Even when working and studying in Vietnam, this certificate is still very useful in certain aspects.

The course “IELTS Fighter Target 6.5 Reading” led by Ms. Nguyet Ca is for beginners to learn English. After the course, you can correctly pronounce 44 English vowels and consonants; more confident in communicating in English in simple sentences; improve listening ability as well as practice phonetics and accent; building a platform to develop communication skills, quick reflexes… The course lasts 24 days, costs VND 199,000, view and register here.

In addition, Shop VnExpress x Unica also offers another IELTS course with diverse options for students as “Golden opportunity to settle down with IELTS General”. Students will be guided by lecturer Luu Thi Thu Ha, understand the characteristics of each type of lesson, helping to shorten the review time. In addition, you also have more skills and methods of doing exercises in each form from basic to advanced. The course comes with the Cambridge IELTS set of materials with many useful practice exercises. See more information here.

English grammar

Along with listening and speaking skills, reading and writing skills are equally important and helpful in studying and working. Plus, mastering the basics of grammar helps you avoid making common mistakes. With this course, students will learn basic grammar points in English; how to distinguish and use nouns, verbs, adjectives…; how to use “a/an/the” in sentences.

In addition, the course also comes with 100 practice exercises related to grammar points, helping students master more than 1,000 basic vocabulary, confidently speak English with sentence patterns that apply correct grammar. The course is conducted by lecturer Dang Thanh Kiet, register here.

In addition to the above English multi-skills training courses, Shop VnExpress and Unica also bring many other useful online teaching, knowledge sharing and tips. See more here.

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