England: Police bring drug dealer Carl Stewart to jail with a cheese photo

If a stupid cheese photo puts you behind bars …

Remarkable policing by investigators in Liverpool! To convict a drug dealer, they used an unusual piece of evidence: a photo of a small lump of Blue Stilton, an English blue cheese.

What the criminal Carl Stewart (39) would not have expected in the slightest: The police had read his encrypted messages on the EncroChat messenger service – and came across the photo of the smelly cheese in Stewart’s hand. Crazy: The investigators analyzed the fingerprints and the palm of the cheese fan based on the photo – and found matches.

Detective Inspector Lee Wilkinson joked after the success that Stewart “his love for Stilton” had become undoing. The dealer (name at EncroChat: Toffeeforce) had bought his favorite cheese in a market of the English chain Marks & Spencer.

The soft cheese ultimately resulted in a harsh prison sentence: Stewart was sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison on Wednesday (May 26) for trafficking in cocaine, heroin, MDMA and ketamine.

According to the Merseyside Police, around 60,000 EncroChat users have been identified worldwide, 10,000 in Great Britain alone. Like Stewart, you are said to be involved in drug and arms trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities. Police arrested more than 60 suspects in Liverpool.

Inspector Wilkinson: “The Merseyside Police, along with international law enforcement agencies, will turn every stone to capture those who believe they are above the law.”


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