England: Mother locks up autistic son (22) – he weighed only 36 kilos

She grins into the camera – but in prison she will lose her laughter…

Lorna Hewitt (43) and her husband Craig (42) have now been sentenced to six years in prison. The reason: The biological mother and stepfather had locked the British woman’s autistic son, Matthew Langley (22), in a completely dirty attic. And for seven months.

Inhuman: When rescuers found the 22-year-old in the room polluted by feces and vomit, he only weighed 36 kilograms! According to media reports, Langley was close to dying from malnutrition and dehydration.

A 22-year-old man had to live locked up for seven monthsPhoto: SOUTH YORKSHIRE POLICE

The autistic man was freed from his martyrdom in June 2020. The trial against the horror mother and her partner took place as a result, on Friday a court in Sheffield (England) finally pronounced the verdict.

Disturbing details came to light in front of the jury: The victim’s forearms and knees were completely grazed because Langley could only crawl on all fours through the attic hell from sheer exhaustion. Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell called the young man’s condition “deplorable”.

Craig Hewitt (42) also has to go to jail for six years

Craig Hewitt (42) also has to go to jail for six yearsPhoto: SOUTH YORKSHIRE POLICE

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Judge Michael Slater called Lorna Hewitt’s actions “a serious breach of trust between a mother and son.” The accused did not comment on the allegations, but her husband did. Craig Hewitt said through his lawyer that he was not a cruel person and was “devastated by what happened to Matthew”.

The court did not fall for the scam. Judge Slater replied, “It wasn’t through negligence, it wasn’t through recklessness. It was a plan between you two.”

Matthew Langley regained his strength after being rescued in hospital. In the meantime he has regained his old weight of more than 50 kilograms.

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