England: Corona tragedy! Doctor who has been vaccinated twice dies shortly before the booster vaccination

The risk for those who are fully vaccinated to develop coronavirus seriously or even to die is extremely low. But the vaccination protection for people who have been vaccinated twice is known to decrease – virologists and politicians emphasize the importance of the booster vaccination every day. A tragic case from Great Britain shows how important the third spade can be.

In Swindon, England (just under 130 kilometers west of London), a doctor died despite a double vaccination, as reported by the British media. And only shortly before his third vaccination.

Irfan Halim († 45) treated corona patients himself and fought the pandemic in his hospital. So intense that he was even separated from his family for months.

Halim’s daily work finally demanded its price in September: the doctor became infected, collapsed at work, according to the BBC – and became an intensive care patient himself. The incomprehensible: Halim’s condition continued to deteriorate. The father of four was transferred to a London hospital – and finally died there on November 14th.

Incredible tragedy: As a member of a high-risk occupational group, Halim would soon have been entitled to receive a booster vaccination – but there was no longer enough time.

After the doctor’s death, his brother Amir, who is also a doctor by profession, appeals to his compatriots’ sense of responsibility. He said on the BBC: “The number of cases is increasing every day. This virus does not care whether you are talented, rich or poor. ”Particularly terrible for the family: The father of the two brothers died in September – also as a result of a corona infection.

The death of the young doctor came as a shock to the family. His brother Amir: “We hoped that given his age, he would recover. He was a fit and healthy young man. “

He promises to his dead brother: “I will make sure that his two sons and two daughters grow up knowing what a great person their father was.”


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