England: Birmingham is fighting giant fat balls – it weighs around 300 tons!

Panic under the streets of Birmingham …

A huge fat loaf is keeping England in suspense again! In Birmingham, the second largest city after London (around 1.1 million inhabitants), the fat monster is blocking the sewer system and now has to be disposed of by the sewage company.

The dimensions are gigantic: According to the Severn Trent company, the fat mountain is around one meter high and extends over a length of around 1000 meters. In a press release, the company estimated the total weight of the colossus at around 300 tons – about as much as 250 family cars.

The clean-up work will probably take time: although they are working around the clock to remove the blockade, they will still probably be busy until June.

The fat mountain, dubbed a “monster” by the companies themselves, is believed to have arisen from waste that residents mistakenly dumped down the drain – such as diapers, cosmetic tissues or excess oil from cooking.

Scott Burgin of Severn Trent called on citizens to only wash down the “three P’s (pee, poo and paper)” (German: urine, feces and toilet paper).

Burgin said, “These small changes can make a big difference and hopefully prevent future mountains of fat.”

The sewage companies in England have to struggle again and again with similar blockages in the sewer system. For the specialists in Birmingham, however, the current Fettberg is arguably the largest they have had to deal with so far.

As in previous cases, high-pressure cleaners, but also shovels and pickaxes, could be used by the sewer workers to remove it.


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