Energetic, spectacular, disturbing… The cinema releases of February 9

♦ State Scandal Investigation ***

by Thierry de Peretti

French film, 2 h 03

An energetic and tense thriller, the film, inspired by a true story, retraces the investigation of a journalist from Release approached by an infiltrator who wants to denounce the actions of the narcotics boss. Thierry de Peretti blends fluidly into the circles where he draws the public, in Marbella, a traffic hub, on the coattails of the sulphurous caiman of the police, in the intimacy of the repentant infiltrator, or at the heart of editorial conferences Daily. With a nagging question: who is manipulating whom?

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♦ You only want me **

by Claire Simon

French film, 1 h 32

The film sets out to bring to the big screen a book-confession recounting the passionate love between a young homosexual, Yann Lemée, and the writer Marguerite Duras. Having become Yann Andréa, the man gradually feels that Marguerite is dispossessing him of himself, transforming him in his own way. He will end up opening up about it to a journalist friend. Through the subtle intonations and modulations of his voice, lucidity and sincerity, Swann Arlaud composes a magnificent character for this film faithful to the framework of conversation-confession.

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Golda Maria**

by Patrick and Hugo Sobelman

French documentary, 1h55

For three days in 1994, Golda Maria Tondovska, 84, told her story to her grandson: that of a Jewish woman born in Poland, who will cross the XXand century and its horrors. The story, filmed with an amateur camera, will become a work of cinema twenty-five years later.

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The Skyline **

by Emilie Carpentier

French film, 1 h 24

This first feature film traces the environmental awareness and commitment of a teenager alongside one of her friends, mobilized on a ZAD against a shopping center project. If the film does not completely avoid a certain didacticism, The Skyline is carried by the formidable energy of its young actors.

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Death on the Nile **

by Kenneth Branagh

British film, 2:07

The British director has long adapted Shakespeare, here he is tackling one of Agatha Christie’s best-known works. Dressing himself up with the mustaches of Hercule Poirot, he makes him more contemporary through his flaws: an obvious vanity and an obsessive mania for detail at the source of his virtuosity as a detective. Impeccable distribution, superb sets, the show, which does not skimp on the means, undeniably impresses.

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