Energetic, implacable, romantic… The cinema releases of February 2

Valiant **

by Laurent Zeitoun and Theodore Ty

French-Canadian animated film, 1h33. From 7 years old

In Valiant, an energetic animated film, a young girl disguises herself as a man to fulfill her dream of becoming a firefighter.

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♦Arthur Rambo***

by Laurent Cantet

French film, 1 h 27

Laurent Cantet was inspired by the true story of Mehdi Meklat, media columnist, caught up in a series of hateful tweets previously written under a pseudonym. This relentless film, about an ambiguous character, refers to responsibility, the weight of words and the untraceable right to be forgotten.

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♦ The Souvenir – Part I & II **

by Joanna Hogg

British film, 1:59 and 1:48

British director Joanna Hogg orchestrates a two-part cinematic experience in which a film student transcends her first great love through fiction. Conceptual but terribly romantic.

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♦ H6 ***

by Ye Ye

French documentary, 1 h 54

Director Ye Ye has set up her camera at the public hospital in Shanghai and shows us, through the fate of five families facing adversity, another face of her country, all in delicacy and humanity.

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♦ The Young Lovers ***

by Carine Tardieu

French film, 1 h 52

With great delicacy, this film about a love passion between a forties and a septuagenarian is illuminated by the interpretations of Fanny Ardant and Melvil Poupaud.

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♦ Little Solange **

by Axelle Ropert

French film, 1 h 25

Axelle Ropert delicately films the suffering of a child faced with her parents’ divorce and refuses to accept the inevitable. An assumed and poignant melody that reveals the natural talent of the young Jade Springer.

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♦ My neighbors’ neighbors are my neighbors**

by Anne-Laure Daffis and Léo Marchand

French animated film, 1h30

Crazy and wacky, this animated film intertwines the trajectories of characters living in the same building in a joyful tragicomic farce with an abundance inspired by Fellini and Tati.

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♦ Vanilla ***

by Guillaume Lorin

program of French animated short films, 43 mn

The centerpiece of this very fine set of animated short films on questions of identity, Vanilla, by Guillaume Lorin, is an initiatory and fantastic tale which approaches, with delicacy and humour, the question of identity and the work of mourning.

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