Encircled in Düsseldorf – the couple of demonstrators sued the police

Düsseldorf – A controversial police cauldron at the demonstration against the planned assembly law occupies the Düsseldorf administrative court.

Two protesters from the anti-nuclear movement have sued the Düsseldorf police. You want to have it subsequently established that the encirclement was unlawful. A spokesman for the administrative court confirmed receipt of the lawsuit.

The two activists – a married couple – said they were among the almost 330 demonstrators who were surrounded and detained by the police for several hours on the evening of June 26th.

The deployment of the police on June 26th was heavily criticized in retrospectPhoto: Uli Engers

The police had stopped and surrounded the so-called “Antifa block”. She justified this on site with the fact that holding up banners and waving flags violated the ban on masking and ignited pyrotechnics. In the block there were also demonstrators from other camps such as the anti-nuclear movement or the socialist youth organization “The Falcons”.

According to lawyer Wilhelm Achelpöhler, the lawsuit is directed against the exclusion of his two clients from the demonstration and against their encirclement. “Our clients have not been in debt,” said Achelpöhler. They have not been made a criminal charge to this day.


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