Emma Matelas: the Amazon 20% discount for the best memory foam mattress

Are you looking for the best mattress to fight back pain? Take advantage of a superb offer on one of the favorite mattresses of the French: the Emma mattress. A discount of up to 90 euros for even smoother nights with a memory foam mattress. A good plan not to be missed to find a night’s sleep that is as restorative as it is soothing!

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Discover the Amazon offer on Emma Matelas Original

Amazon sales: the Original Emma mattress for less than 500 euros

The Emma brand mattress is one of the most awarded mattresses in Europe and the best-selling in France. And it is not for nothing. The first asset can be summed up in just three words: shape memory. A balance between softness and support, your back will be much better. Sleep is at the heart of our mental and physical balance, it should not be neglected. With the Emma Original mattress you have everything you need to never miss a minute of that precious sleep again. The key? The three layers that make up the mattress and a thermoregulatory cover for winter and summer.

The plus with Emma Matelas? They understand you. It’s hard to decide in store but also on the internet. Order a mattress and you have 100 nights to try it . Because sometimes the road to peace is not so simple, we give you time to come to terms with your new must-have.

Emma Mattress Original in summary:

  • Memory foam mattress
  • 25 cm thick
  • 3 layers for an inimitable fit and comfort
  • Guaranteed 10 years

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