Electric car: boost to unlock used sales

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 at 12:56 PMUpdated Oct 12, 2020 3:00 PM

Since three used vehicles are wholesaled for a new vehicle in France, unlocking a second-hand market for 100% electric vehicles is crucial to greening the fleet in circulation. Aid of 1,000 euros will therefore be created for the purchase of a used electric vehicle, announced on Monday the Minister for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, in an interview with “Parisien / Today in France”.

This category of vehicle was previously excluded from the ecological bonus. The flick will be accessible “Everywhere on the territory, without conditions of means”, specifies Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, who thus wishes to lower the price of these cars and allow “The less well-off households to have access to electricity”.

In progress

Since the start of the year, sales of new electric cars have risen sharply, to 70,038 units (+ 132% compared to the same period the previous year). In September, they reached 9% market share.

On the occasion side, the figures are much less dynamic. Last year, 19,652 electric cars changed owners, 57% more than in 2018. This represents 0.3% of the market share. In August, 2,583 second-hand electric cars were sold in France, or 5.3% of sales. The Renault Zoe logically takes the lion’s share, with nearly two-thirds of the volumes traded.

The – limited – effort of the public authorities aims to limit the frictions of this market. Compared to an equivalent thermal car, an electric model sells less well on the second-hand market, and in more time. Customers seem to have concerns about the longevity of the battery – even if it is guaranteed by the sales workshops and even if the risk of breakdown is less numerous than with a diesel or gasoline engine. The progress in terms of autonomy made on the new models also weighs negatively on second-hand sales. Much like a previous generation smartphone, the old models are often less efficient than the new ones.

Unblock the market

According to Avere, the National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility, a Renault Zoe sold last year on average 12,500 euros with 20,000 kilometers on the clock, while a Renault Clio sold for 13,000 euros for 22,500 kilometers in average. “The need for support is necessary during this purchase: while for the Clio, 40% of acquisitions are made between individuals, this share drops to 10% for the electric”, notice the association.

The electric second hand is also suffering from the lack of supply, with sales of electric cars only really gaining momentum for two years. They are exploding this year: car manufacturers having to meet new European CO2 targets, the supply of lithium-ion cars is expanding greatly, and prices are falling.

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