Election talk at Maischberger: Despite taboo on the green! Habeck says “Indian”

The Chancellor in early retirement, three successor candidates in disaster mode, the country in climate and corona stress: Maischberger & Co. need to talk to a great extent right after the summer break!

The guests

Robert Habeck (51, Greens). The showcase head of the Ökos is now relying on a climate ministry with unlimited power to prohibit.

Hubert Aiwanger (50, free voters). Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs delivers a tough vaccination duel with Markus Söder.

Hape Kerkeling (56). After years of abstinence from TV, the entertainer is planning a comeback this year.

Amelie Fried (62). The author complains: “The debate about whether we are already on the way to a dictatorship is getting on my nerves incredibly!”

Wolfram Weimer (56). The publicist (“The European”) is annoyed about “Corona scare tactics”: The incidence value is “not the mother of all numbers”.

Robin alexander (46). The WELT vice is shuddered: “Hardly any debates about content, candidates for chancellor without charisma – are we experiencing the most desolate election campaign since 1945?”

Politics, show, press: who is the fastest to get the talk carousel going again? The Zoff-o-Meter counts the revolutions, and the studio audience is back too.

The talk comes out of the blocks, because Aiwanger, connected from Regensburg, goes off like Schmidt’s cat: “Each individual has the right to decide whether or not to be vaccinated,” grows the Lower Bavarian, “and when he is here is pressed, in front of the camera, then it just goes too far! “

Sandra Maischberger (54, r.) On Wednesday evening with her guestsPhoto: The first

Most suspicious statement

“Vaccination is important, and I also support the vaccination campaign,” Aiwanger explains. But he can’t get more out of it, because: “No matter what argument I would say, it would be dismantled and used against me!”

His position: “As long as we don’t have to be vaccinated, it’s up to you to decide, and I don’t have to give a reason!”

Most defiant point of view

“If you are asked every day, it becomes more and more difficult to decide in favor of the vaccination, because then it always says why did he fall over now,” the Aiwanger grumbles on.

His credo: “I am not opposed to vaccinations, but I am also a defender of personal freedom. We are not only allowed to evaluate Corona from a medical point of view, but also from a societal and social point of view. ”That’s the first applause.

Most interesting comparison

“European” boss Weimer draws a parallel between the free voter boss and a prominent free democrat: “Aiwanger is the Wolfgang Kubicki of the south,” the publicist judges. “He often says things exaggerated and pointed, but also a lot where a large part of the population says: He is actually right.”

Most enjoyable act of revenge

Habeck uses the Bayern-Zoff for a hedge shot at the most important political opponent: “In 2018, Mr. Söder decided on a coalition with Mr. Aiwanger and against the Greens,” he says with a mocking smile, “now he will see what he can do with it Has!”

The crucial question of the evening

The talk show host would much rather know whether Habeck was angry because competitor Baerbock ended up playing the women’s card despite promising to the contrary.

“Annalena has many qualities, and the question of equality, emancipation, the women’s card was a decisive criterion,” admits the unsuccessful candidate, “but that does not mean that other qualities are not also present.”

Most tell-tale analysis

About Baerbock’s crash in the surveys, Habeck says: “We are different types, and in principle we do things almost completely differently.” But: “I would have made my own mistakes.”

And the rumors about a possible replacement of the ailing top candidate? “There is no debate about revising this decision now,” claims the Green cunningly. “Everyone is fighting to make this decision the right one.” Uff! So was she wrong then?

Robert Habeck (51) in a one-on-one conversation with Sandra Maischberger (54)

Robert Habeck (51) in a one-on-one conversation with Sandra Maischberger (54)Photo: The first

“There was a crack in there”, Habeck at least admits, “but Annalena Baerbock is working on rebuilding trust.”

Most beautiful gushing fit

Habeck knows how to formulate well-sounding things about assumptions that the Greens would target the Ministry of Finance after the election: “The finances are the deep currents on which all other political mistakes move,” he lectures, “and if you know how to read them, then you come you reach your goal more easily. “

Most provocative single player

The talk show host quotes ex-SPD leader and former environment minister Sigmar Gabriel, who etched about the green proposal of a climate protection ministry with the right to veto: “This idea can only come up to someone who either has no idea about politics or is campaigning with nice-sounding ones Slogans want to make the people dumb. “

Habeck puffs up his cheeks: “People’s dumbing down, that’s vocabulary, we should better hold back, dear Sigmar Gabriel,” he shoots back.

Those who question the advantages of the idea, said the Greens, “either have no interest in climate protection or have been ripped off several times and do not want to admit that, as environment minister. Greetings, Sigmar Gabriel.

Most inconspicuous stumbling block

Maischberger is amazed at the Green Plan to offset increases in climate protection with 75 euros annually in energy money: “How do they get into my account?” Asks the talk show host. “Does every German citizen get a check at the end of the year?

The Greens are more likely to think of a digitized solution: “It might take two years to set up this system,” he explains, raising his hand: “But the money is going back anyway. Great Indian word of honor. “Ouch!

Latest prophecy

Regarding pictures of the flood disaster, Habeck predicts that the weather will never change, on the contrary: “It will be more blatant. The point is that global warming is slowed down in such a way that we as humans can adapt. “

Then the Zoff-o-Meter starts.

An ARD clip shows for the umpteenth time how Laschet laughs at a joke behind the Federal President during the flood disaster. Author Fried takes the chancellor candidate into court: “If I don’t even have my face under control, how can voters believe that I have anything else under control?”

“If he’s unlucky, this flood will cost him the chancellorship,” fears WELT-Alexander.

Most astute remark

Weimer was the only one to pay attention: “This fixation on small things irritates me,” he now criticizes. “It would be as if I were to say now that after this show, Habeck screwed up his election campaign because he said ‘Indian’ earlier.”

I beg your pardon? Apparently the others didn’t even notice. “He said ‘Indian honor,’ the publicist explains to the astonished group. “We know that the Greens are on the road with the language police, so you are actually not allowed to say ‘Indian’.” Heidewitzka!

Coolest interlude

At the end Maischberger plays a scene from the CDU party conference in 2000: Hape Kerkeling approaches Angela Merkel from behind as a waiter with a tray during her speech: “Did you order a Copacabana ice cream sundae?”

Hape Kerkeling (56) tried to make fun of Angela Merkel

Hape Kerkeling (56) tried to make fun of Angela MerkelPhoto: The first

But the future Chancellor is not astonished: “Bring that to the Hape Kerkeling,” she says over her shoulder.

“Staying so relaxed shows that you have strong nerves,” the entertainer now praises, “and that’s what she had for 16 years.”

Happiest finale

Kerkeling advertises his cat book, and Duzfreundin Maischberger provides friendly questions. The most interesting answers: “I think cats expand our sensory system. That they help us become better people. Cats are part of life like love. “

Most emotional memories

After his mother’s suicide, the grandparents gave the eight-year-old a cat. “With her I was able to get rid of my grief quite well,” Kerkeling now reports.

When he came back from a trip with the other grandparents, he learned that his cat had died. “I couldn’t imagine that,” reports the entertainer. “I went into the garden, called the cat, we had such a whistle, and after just under three minutes she was emaciated in front of me. My grandfather buried the wrong cat, the neighbor’s. “

Most unusual way of communication

“I call, someone holds the receiver for the cat, and then I talk to the cat,” reports Kerkeling at the end, “and the cat then usually meows as I am used to from it, which I interpret as recognition . “Purr!

Quote of the evening

Robin Alexander on the ambitious ex-Juso boss and SPD vice-president:

Kevin Kühnert thinks I’ll let Scholz lose again and then the place will be mine anyway.


Partly slightly over-furnished party format, but luckily without multifunctional responses, teaching rushes and equal-thinking dictates. Instead, witty answers to precise questions, spiced with sayings and Döntjes: That was a talk in the category “Political hack, sweet and sour with spicy”.


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