Eight dead at rap concert in Houston: were the victims injected with drugs?

Was it a terrible tragedy or a devious assassination attempt?

50,000 visitors celebrated on Friday evening at the Astroworld music festival in Houston (Texas) when suddenly some fell in the dense crowd and panic broke out. The terrible result: eight dead and 300 injured!

The police now have to clarify how the fatal collapse of the visitors that triggered the mass panic came about. But there is already a terrible suspicion: some of the victims were apparently injected with a previously unknown substance. Troy Finner, Houston Police Chief, confirmed that at least one person had had something injected with a needle – and there could have been more.

According to this, a security officer who worked at the event felt a stab in the neck by an unknown attacker and was passed out. Finner said that medical staff actually saw something on his neck, suggesting that he had been stung with a syringe.

After the accident, the festival was also canceled for the following dayPhoto: Elizabeth Conley / AP

The police chief also said that some of the victims were downright trampled. So there could have been a fatal concatenation. While people went to the ground unconscious, the subsequent panic had fatal consequences.

The autopsies of the victims should finally clarify what exactly was the cause of death and who actually received injections from an unknown person.

Rapper Travis Scott, who has hosted the festival since 2019, was on stage himself at the time of the disaster. Scott is devastated, reports the celebrity portal “TMZ”. For the most part, he did not notice what was happening around him.

And he was not aware of the extent. The rapper thought the victims were just dehydrated and therefore upset, which happens more often at concerts.

Rapper and festival host Travis Scott during his performance

Rapper and festival host Travis Scott during his performancePhoto: Getty Images

On Twitter, he expressed his condolences to the victims and their relatives. And stressed that he would work with the authorities to fully clarify the background to the terrible incident.


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