Effective tips for cleaning sofas

To have the cleanest and most comfortable seat, users should increase the frequency of cleaning the sofa weekly.

According to Luther Quintana, CEO of a company specializing in upholstery products based in Manhattan (New York, USA), sofa cleaning is very necessary, but most of us pay little attention to it. .

“To clean your chair, you should first get into the habit of vacuuming regularly every two to three days, especially the bottom of the mattress,” says Luther Quintana. This, he claims, helps prevent debris that has accumulated on the seats from potentially breaking off, creating stubborn stains on the surface.

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How to clean stains on sofa?

According to experts, should immediately deal with problems on the sofa surface. In addition, the best technique for dealing with stains on fabric sofa surfaces (felt, faux leather, velvet, suede, etc.) is not scrubbing away stains or using octane cleaners. high, which is absorbent or cleaned with a steam washer.

Absorbent technique

Mix hand soap and clean water according to the ratio of foaming solution. Dab the mixture into the stain with a towel, then lift it straight up. Be careful not to wipe or move the towel from side to side, causing the stain to spread more widely. After a few dots, you change with another towel. This helps you to absorb dirt from the sofa surface without spreading it.

In case you use a leather sofa, mix a little vinegar and natural oil (eg linseed oil, lemon oil), then dip a soft cloth in that solution and wring it out, gently wipe the sofa surface. . After several times of wiping, let your face dry naturally, then dry with a towel again. In the last step, you deep clean with a skin-specific moisturizer.

Steam cleaning technique

If possible, you can use a hand-held steam washer to treat stains. This is a very suitable technology for solving sofa stains. In case of severe stains, you can spray more hydrogen peroxide on the surface and then use a steam cleaner to clean the surface.

In case your sofa is made of smooth materials such as velvet, fur… , you should use a specialized brush to clean the surface, before moving on to steam washing. These products cannot be cleaned with soap in the usual way.

General cleaning of sofa

Once a year, you should proceed to clean the sofa with the following steps:

– Vacuuming

– Clean any stains following the steps outlined above

– Dry clean the cushion cover if it is a felt sofa, imitation leather fabric. Note the label attached to the sofa for instructions from the manufacturer on how the product should be cleaned. For example, if the label says W, it means that you should only use water-based cleaners, so wash in cold water and air dry. If the label says S or S/W, you may want to dry clean only.

– Let dry

– Polish the wood part (if any).

– Improve subsidence and broken cushions

Over time, if your sofa gradually “loses its shape”, you can replace it with other suitable cushions, instead of replacing the whole sofa with a new one. If the frame is in good shape, you can upholster a new mattress and have a perfectly fine sofa.

Effective tips for cleaning sofas

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