Economy: The shortage of materials is a problem for the skilled trades

Hall – Most of the craft businesses in the Halle chamber district have coped well with the lockdown. BUT price increases and material shortages are causing problems for more and more companies. Every third company complains about significantly longer delivery times (34%) or material that cannot be delivered (31%).

This emerges from the current economic survey by the Halle Chamber of Crafts, which Jens Schumann (55), Deputy Chief Executive Officer, presented yesterday. The mood is currently rated at plus 40 – two index points more than 2020. But there is a lack of material. The market has been swept empty, especially for electronic components, metal and wood.

“Worldwide supply chains were affected by Corona,” Schumann gives one reason. Another: “Economic stimulus programs have triggered a building boom, especially in China and the USA,” says Britta Grahneis (55), managing director of the Körting joinery (15 employees) from Dessau-Roßlau. “Popular types of wood such as Siberian larch are not available at all at the moment. The prices for worktops have risen by 400 percent. “

Son Marvin Grahneis seldom works in the carpentry shop. He has to do with material procurement all day

Photo: Steffen Schellhorn

Grahneis’ son, who used to work on construction sites, spends all of his working time procuring materials. “We cannot keep promised dates, we have to renegotiate prices,” said the boss. “But at least we are not like many roofing companies. They have full order books, but have to register short-time work because they don’t have enough wood. “

Bitter: Public clients are relentless and refuse to enter into renegotiations. “They are feeling the consequences now. More and more often no companies respond to tenders. ”Britta Grahneis speaks from experience. She also sits on the city council.


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