Eberswalde: Riddles about dead baby – mother of six suspected

Drama about a dead baby from the backpack!

Eberswalde (Brandenburg) – After the terrible discovery of a baby’s corpse in the hallway of a prefabricated building, the murder investigators are still at the beginning. How the boy, who was only a few days old, died and who is responsible for his death is still unclear.

The baby was discovered last Tuesday morning by a property management employee in a backpack under the landing of the house on Nauener Strasse. According to BILD information, residents had already informed the administration about the backpack in the hallway on Monday.

But the crime was not discovered until a day later, and the police were called. It is unclear whether the baby could have been saved if action had been taken immediately. “It’s so terrible, you could have gotten help,” says a neighbor.

Under these stairs the dead baby was found in the backpack

Photo: Timo Beurich

The police cordoned off the site and went on a search with sniffer dogs. While walking her dog in a nearby forest area, the investigators found Kristin H. – the owner of the backpack.

According to the neighbors, officials found the partner of the mother of six while shopping in the discount store around the corner. Kristin H. was first questioned as a witness, but then had to be admitted to a clinic. Her condition is said to have deteriorated significantly during the interrogation.

Residents placed flowers and stuffed animals in front of the house on Nauener Strasse, and mourning candles were burning

Residents placed flowers and stuffed animals in front of the house, and mourning candles were lit

Photo: Joerg Bergmann

The prosecutor responsible did not comment yesterday on whether the woman had already been examined for a recent birth. “For reasons of tactical investigation, we are currently unable to provide any information,” said Ricarda Böhme from the Frankfurt (Oder) public prosecutor’s office to BILD. Neighbors do not want to have noticed a pregnancy.

The dead baby was found in this house

The dead baby was found in this house

Photo: Timo Beurich

The autopsy of the dead baby should now bring more insights.


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