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Compounds in grapes may protect against heart disease by reducing “bad” cholesterol in the blood, preventing narrowing of the arteries.

Grapes are rich in potassium, a mineral needed to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Potassium in grapes helps lower blood pressure by dilating arteries and veins, and aids in sodium excretion, preventing the narrowing of arteries and veins that cause blood pressure to rise. Healthline.

In an eight-week study of 69 people with high cholesterol, they found that those who ate 3 cups of red grapes (500 g) a day had levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, the National Institutes of Health said. Markedly reduced. Specifically, total cholesterol decreased by 6.1% and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol decreased by 5.9%. Bile acids – steroid acids involved in cholesterol metabolism decreased by 40.9%. Compounds in grapes may help the body reduce cholesterol absorption.

Follow DailyMailresearchers in California (USA) said that people who eat grapes regularly have stronger immune systems, more diverse beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Grapes are good for the heart. Image: Freepik

In addition, grapes contain polyphenol antioxidants that help keep blood vessels healthy and flexible. Polyphenols and other phytochemicals may also lower blood sugar and control blood pressure, while reducing chronic inflammation.

In one small study, researchers in the US asked 19 healthy adults to follow a high-fiber diet, with two servings of fresh grapes per day. After four weeks in a row, all test participants found more diverse levels of gut bacteria, including one involved in glucose regulation and fatty acid breakdown. Compared with four weeks before eating grapes, the “bad” cholesterol levels in these 19 people dropped by nearly 8%.

Follow Eat This, Not That, This effect may be due to grapes being a rich source of fiber and polyphenols, which are beneficial for the gut and cardiovascular system. Doctor, Jieping Yang, working at the University of California, Los Angeles (USA), said that adjusting your diet is an effective way to manage cholesterol. She advises people with heart health problems to increase their fullness every day to benefit the heart and promote gut health in a positive way.

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