Easyjet pilot dislocates his shoulder in the cockpit – emergency landing!

Because a pilot is said to have dislocated his shoulder in the cockpit during the flight, an Easyjet machine had to make an emergency landing. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

According to this, the Airbus 320 was traveling from Luton (England) to Agadir (Morocco) when it started to descend in Portuguese airspace. The crew informed the Fargo airport tower that an emergency had to be landed and that the captain was “incapacitated”. The plane touched down 18 minutes later.

A spokesman for Easyjet confirmed the incident to the Daily Mail. He said: “Flight EZY2213 was diverted on April 10 because the captain required medical attention. The first officer landed the plane safely, the captain was met by paramedics on arrival.”

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When asked about the injury, the spokesman referred to medical confidentiality. However, the newspaper claims to have learned that the pilot in the cockpit dislocated his shoulder. Exactly how this happened is not known. The tabloid quoted an unnamed pilot from another airline as saying: “Did he do any gymnastics or fitness exercises?! That’s just bizarre.”

The passengers on board are said not to have been told that the captain was unable to pilot the A320. Bad for the passengers: Because of the diversion, the crew reached the maximum permitted flight time, so that the travelers had to spend the night in Portugal. The next morning we continued to Morocco. Easyjet apologized for the inconvenience.

It is not known how many people were on board the plane. An Airbus 320 can carry up to 236 passengers.

No less strange is a report from the USA: There, a woman breastfeeds a CAT on a plane. Read the whole story here.


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