Easy way to download whatsapp status, save your favorite whatsapp status like this

These days the status feature of social media sites is the most famous and hit. From Facebook, Instagram to WhatsApp, you will get status features in all. People put their photos, thoughts or any video in status. WhatsApp’s status feature has been around for a long time, but its craze has still not decreased. Users like this feature a lot.

Everyday millions of photos and videos are posted as status on Whatsapp. The special thing is that WhatsApp status automatically gets removed after 24 hours. In such a situation, after seeing the status of a friend or relative, I feel like downloading or saving it. But many people do not see any such option. Many people save the photo through screen shot but are unable to download the video.

Today we will give you some tips with which you can download your favorite status in a pinch. We will tell you about the hidden folder in your phone where status photos and videos are automatically downloaded, but you do not know. Let’s know

The status folder is hidden in the phone

As of now, you might not know that there is a folder in your phone where photos and videos of WhatsApp status are downloaded. When you click on someone’s status, photos and videos are downloaded in this folder. Probably, you will not know yet that this folder is hidden in the phone itself. For this, first you have to anhydrate the Statuses folder.

There is no need to reboot your phone or jailbreak your iOS device to anhydrate the Statuses folder. All you have to do is go to the File Manager’s menu bar. Here you will see a settings option. After clicking on Settings, an option of Unhide Files will appear. After clicking Unhide, there will be a WhatsApp folder in the file manager, go to it.

After this you will see a Media folder. After going to the media folder, another hidden folder named Statuses will appear. You will find all the photos and videos with status seen in this folder. Once you know this, you can download any video or photo you can see.

There are many other apps too

WhatsApp has made our life a lot easier. Features like voice calling, video calling, chat and status are most commonly used. There is also a lot of craze in people to apply WhatsApp status. There are also many apps available to download or save these statuses. Although WhatsApp did not launch these apps, but you can download your favorite status in a moment from third party apps.

You can easily download such apps from Google Play Store. However, after downloading these applications, there is a risk of your data also. We do not know how safe these apps are. Therefore it would be better to use only the features given in your phone.


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