Earned a PhD after 25 years of being sent to school by her mother

ChinaWith the companionship of his mother, Hy Hieu Nguyen, who has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 25 years, has obtained a doctorate degree from Tsinghua University.

In July 2021, the name Hy Xiaoyuan became famous throughout China when a photo of him receiving a doctorate in computer engineering from Tsinghua University (China’s most prestigious university) was shared on social networks. The image of a skinny guy sitting in a wheelchair, behind a 50-year-old mother pushing her son to receive a license has brought tears to many people.

“Really extraordinary energy. Not only does the son give his best effort, but the mother is also excellent,” commented the president of Tsinghua University.

Hy Hieu Nguyen received a doctorate in computer engineering at Tsinghua University in 2021. Photo: qq

Hy Hieu Nguyen was born in 1991 in Ngoc Khue, Yunnan, China. At the age of 6 he was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. At the age of 11, the doctor said that Hy had to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

At the time when his legs were paralyzed, Hy understood that now his life is completely dependent on help from others. Thinking of her parents, Hy is determined to live well.

He started primary school in 1999, but due to a serious illness, he had to stop studying and receiving treatment in 6th grade. Lying in the hospital, Hy studied and read more books by himself. Every time his condition improved, he insisted on going to class.

Graduated from high school with distinction, Hieu ranked 16th among thousands of applications to the Faculty of Computer Science, Tsinghua University. He is also the first disabled student from Yunnan province to enter this prestigious university.

At the time of admission, Hy’s ten knuckles were all deformed. Even turning your head, raising your arms or stooping can’t be done. More difficult is the psychological pressure when the classmates are all excellent people and have won many international awards. In class, Hy must start from zero.

“At that time, I had no way back. Difficulty chose me, I had to choose strength,” Hy said. To accomplish this, in addition to his own efforts, he also received the companionship of his mother Quach Quynh Phan.

Ms. Quach was originally a secondary school teacher, but retired early in 2012, helping her son realize his dream of going to university. When she was still in the countryside, a few days later, she rode her bike to school, carried him up and down the classroom. After four years of university, master’s and doctoral degrees, and five more years, Ms. Guo knew all the teachers of Tsinghua University, and memorized the position of the computer department’s classroom. Day and day, she cooks and bathes for her children. At night, she patiently massages Hy to relieve pain.

“My mother is the person I am most grateful to. During the years in Beijing, she always got up first, prepared everything and pushed me in a wheelchair to go to class. At night, when I went to bed, my mother could lie down.” speak.

Nine years at Tsinghua University, Hy is also the founder of the Computer Research Association for students in the school. He also joins the rhetoric team and is active in public welfare activities. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, she always has her mother to accompany her.

Hy Hieu Nguyen took a photo with her mother on the day she received her doctorate degree in July 2021 at Tsinghua University.  Photo: qq

Hy Hieu Nguyen took a photo with her mother on the day she received her doctorate degree in July 2021 at Tsinghua University. Image: qq

The care of his mother is the motivation for the young man to be determined to study. From 69th in his first year in the department, his sophomore year jumped to 31st and 9th the following year. In the fourth year, Hy Hieu Nguyen received a special scholarship from Thanh Hoa University. This is the highest honor of students in the school because each year only 10 best students are awarded.

In September 2021, after nine years of study, Hy received a doctorate in computer engineering, the principal personally bent down to take pictures with him. In his speech before receiving his degree, this young man said: “The brilliance of life is not in the completeness of the body, but in the color of the mind.”

Last August, Xi Xiaoyuan worked as a researcher for a social computing company, under the Microsoft Institute of Fundamental Research Asia in Beijing. He said that he is focusing on artificial intelligence research, specifically in terms of language.

“I hope my research results will help promote the building of a barrier-free society in the future,” Hy said.

Recently, Hy Hieu Nguyen had two knee replacement surgery. He can now stand up and practice walking a few short steps. This boy’s biggest dream is to be able to walk on his own, so that his mother can return to his hometown to reunite with his father.

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