Düsseldorf: You are the taxidermists from the Aquazoo

Your work is forever!

Düsseldorf – Denise Seimet (25) and Anne Jendretzki (31) ensure that the treasures of nature are not forgotten, because they are the taxidermists of the Düsseldorf Aquazoo.

BILD visited her at her place of work: near the cooling chamber and laboratory, far below the visitor halls and aquariums.

Denise and Anne work together in the laboratory, although they have different disciplinesPhoto: Meike Wirsel

“If an animal dies up in the aquarium, it comes down to me,” says Jendretzki, who specializes in dissecting dead animals. “But they also bring me a run-over badger or bird. I then model missing limbs. ”

If the carcass is not too disfigured, she prepares it for exhibitions and scientific purposes and lets it look alive again through her artistic craft. From sperm whales to Ice Age reindeer to Kö parrot – the 31-year-old gives deceased animals a kind of second life.

In contrast, the animals that geological taxidermist Denise Seimet takes care of have been dead for a while: “I focus on minerals, rocks and fossils,” she explains. Under the microscope, she exposes dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old, millimeter by millimeter. One wrong move and the petrified living being is destroyed.

A very rare hermaphrodite locust: left female, right male

A very rare hermaphrodite locust: left female, right malePhoto: Meike Wirsel

But Seimet is not only fascinated by the thrill of her job: “I am the first person to see the animal again after millions of years, that appeals to me.”

For their dream job, both of them completed a three-year apprenticeship as preparation assistant after leaving school. The two have shared a common fascination for the animal world since childhood.


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