Düsseldorf: man dies after being rescued from old clothes container

Düsseldorf – Another terrible case! On Saturday night, a man was stuck upside down in a used clothes container in Düsseldorf. Then his situation became life threatening.

“Around 1:40 am we were informed about a person in the used clothes container,” the police control center told BILD. But even the police could not save the man from the container, so the fire brigade was called in for reinforcement. The moved out with a fire truck, ambulance and ambulance.

The fire brigade was able to save the trapped man. He had to be resuscitated, but died shortly afterwards

Photo: Patrick Schüller

The trapped man could be freed from his life-threatening plight. However, he still had to be resuscitated on site. Initially successful. But shortly afterwards the man died.

Tragic: It is the second death in connection with a used clothes container in less than a week. In Hilchenbach (North Rhine-Westphalia) in Siegerland, a man (40) also died because he was trapped in the shank of a container.


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