Düsseldorf: Kraftwerk inducted into the “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame”

Düsseldorf – The electronics pioneers have already been nominated for the music award six times, and now they are finally getting the award they deserve. Kraftwerk move into the “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame”!

In addition to Rammstein, they are among the most important and successful groups from Germany internationally. With albums like “Autobahn” (1974) or “Die Mensch-Maschine” (1978), Kraftwerk made music that was produced electronically compatible with the masses.

Their unique sounds changed the music world, laid the foundation for the new wave of the 80s and the techno of the 90s. Also because of Kraftwerk’s pioneering early work, electronic elements were soon no longer a taboo in rock music.

Now it is certain: The group around Ralf Hütter will be inducted into the “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame”. Kraftwerk enter the “Early Influence Award” category. The induction ceremony will take place on October 30th in Cleveland, Ohio (USA).

Since 1986, a 1200-strong committee of musicologists, historians and other experts in the music industry has accepted a limited number of new members into the Hall of Fame each year. Important requirement: The debut album is at least 25 years old.


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