Dusseldorf brewery boss stolen: Trick thief apparently caught

Düsseldorf / Stuttgart – The lousy trick theft at “Költ” beer boss Hans Berlin (30) in Düsseldorf seems to have been cleared up!

“Our iPhones were seized by the police and the alleged perpetrators were caught,” reveals Hans Berlin.

“Költ” beer boss Hans Berlin (30)

Photo: Hojabr Riahi

The police provisionally arrested two women (32, 50) and three men (18, 21, 25) at the Sindelfinger Wald rest area on the A 8 near Stuttgart. During the vehicle inspection, 33 high-quality mobile phones wrapped in aluminum foil were discovered in the powder of two detergent boxes!

In your own office The brewery boss was stolen by a trick thief

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Source: költ


Then it came out: 13 of them were already advertised for property searches in several federal states. The seized telephones are believed to have originated from commercial trick theft.

“Two of the seized cell phones were stolen from a company in Düsseldorf,” said First Public Prosecutor Melanie Rischke from the Stuttgart Public Prosecutor to BILD.

Two Romanian suspects (18, 21) are in custody for stolen goods. It is unclear whether they also stole the cell phones.

This is how the trick theft went

Hans Berlin reported to BILD how a man with magazines in hand showed up in his Düsseldorf office on April 6th. The stranger, whom Berlin thought was a subscription seller, cheekily padded across the room and grabbed two cell phones from the desks. He used the magazines as a camouflage. After a few seconds the spook was over, iPhones and thief were gone.

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Magazine on and off! Here the thief (right) steals the first iphone

Photo: private

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Here the man with the magazine in his hand walks up to the second desk, briefly places the notebook on the cell phone there and steals it inconspicuously

Photo: private


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