During corona checks in the evening: bottles are thrown at police officers in Stuttgart

Stuttgart – The night was frosty, the mood heated!

Hundreds of people met on Saturday in downtown Stuttgart and, according to the police, violated corona rules. Most of the predominantly young people did not adhere to distance rules and did not wear mouth and nose protection.

Because the ban on gathering and alcohol had also been violated, the police decided to ask people to leave. According to the police, a number of them became aggressive, and chants formed against the deployment.

Emergency forces in the Stuttgart pedestrian zone

Photo: 7aktuell.de/Simon Adomat

Several bottles and stones were thrown in the direction of the police. An officer was reportedly hit by an object on the helmet, but he was unharmed.

The young people then went off in small groups and knocked down construction site equipment, flower pots, rental bikes and garbage cans. The crowd dispersed near the main train station.

Hundreds of people in action Strict controls in downtown Stuttgart

Teaser picture

Source: BILD


Several people now face investigations into property damage, insult and resistance against officials. The investigators also examine the fact of the breach of the peace.


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