Dülmen: animal falls into trailer – fire brigade saves horse with crane

Dülmen – Here the fire brigade rushes to a help hoof!

In Dülmen a horse in the trailer freaked out on a country road – and two legs broke through the plastic door! While half the animal was still in the trailer, the front legs were next to the drawbar on the road!

The animal was lifted out of its misery with a crane

Photo: Dülmen volunteer fire brigade

The owners called the volunteer fire brigade, which immediately rushed to help with two fire engines. The rescuers secured the horse with several hoses to prevent it from sliding further. A spokesman: “In order to be able to save the horse from its predicament, the roof of the transport trailer was removed using two reciprocating saws.”

Then the animal was attached to a crane with a special rescue harness and hoisted through the air into a transport trailer. Then it was the quickest way to go to a veterinary clinic, where veterinarians took care of the injured horse …


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