Duck with rich coconut water brings rice

The pieces of cooked duck meat are soft, fragrant yellow, imbued with the rich sweetness of coconut water, stimulating the taste buds and bringing rice to life.

Coconut water duck is a simple dish that you can make yourself at home to treat the whole family on the weekend. You only need to combine duck meat with a few simple ingredients in the kitchen, and you can complete a delicious and attractive duck dish.

Coconut water duck is rich, delicious, eye-catching colors.


– 2 thighs, 2 wings.

– 1 coconut.

– Garlic, red onion, ginger.

– White wine, sugar, cooking oil, mattress powder, soy sauce, five spices, pepper, salt.



– Ginger salad smashed, chopped.

– Duck meat washed with salt, ginger, add white wine to remove the fishy smell. Then rinse and dry.

– Marinate meat with five spices, minced onion, garlic, add a little seasoning powder, pepper, soy sauce.

Mix well and leave for about 2 hours to infuse the spices.

The duck is marinated with spices and allowed to infuse for about 2 hours before cooking.

The duck is marinated with spices and allowed to infuse for about 2 hours before cooking.

Meat Knife:

– Put the cooking oil in the pan, when the pan is hot, fry the duck meat on both sides until golden brown.

– Remove the oil, add coconut water to seasoning, let it simmer until the duck is soft and the water thickens.

– Turn off the stove, take out the duck meat, cut it into pieces or chop as you like.

Coconut water duck is impressive thanks to the sweet and fatty taste of coconut water, soft duck meat mixed with the aroma of five flavors to create an attractive taste, eat it all the time without getting bored.

You can eat kebab with hot rice, or bread, dipped in soy sauce with a few slices of spicy chili.

Thu Ky

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