DSDS expulsion: the candidate came to the casting with a sex doll

There was a lot of hot air in this performance …

On Tuesday evening, a candidate for “Germany is looking for the superstar” brought the jury against him. For his performance he had a rubber doll with him. And that caused a lot of trouble.

Nikita Hans (19) from Leipzig had big plans for the casting. The budding hotel professional’s confidence was enough for two. “I’m here because I can perform and sing very well. And I want to prove that today with my companion Katja, ”he announced.

The jurors: Mike Singer, Maite Kelly and Dieter Bohlen (from left)Photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The blonde was a rubber doll that the candidate has grown fond of. The Saxon on his inflatable souvenir: “I’ve known Katja for six months now. It helps me to prepare for my performance. “

Dieter Bohlen (66) was irritated by the duo, to put it mildly. To the singer Maite Kelly (41) he said: “Either you are completely stupid or really brave.” The candidate had dusted his companion extra and made it chic.

Katja Krasavice is a Youtuber, author, singer and rapper

Katja Krasavice is a Youtuber, author, singer and rapperPhoto: Getty Images

Nikita told the jury without blushing: “She has been under my bed for a few weeks now. But I think she was born to perform today. ”His song: Fittingly,“ Sex Tape ”by erotic Youtuber Katja Krasavice (24). By then it was probably clear to everyone: This performance will definitely not be suitable for young people.

During the first few bars, the young singer laid his doll on the floor, threw himself over her and grabbed her rubber breasts. Maite Kelly couldn’t see it and turned away in shock. The singer also disgusted the vulgar lyrics.

But the young man did not get very far with his appearance. Dieter Bohlen stopped the performance in the middle of the song. The pop titan was so mad that he didn’t even want to give a jury verdict. Bohlen tough: “You have to earn the rating here. And not with such shit! “

The words were followed by the sacking. Because there was nothing more to say for the hit producer, except: “Four times no. And now pull the leash! “

That’s how quickly the dream of a superstar can vanish into thin air …


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