Drummer Christian Blüm positive: Cologne top band Brings in quarantine

Cologne – Now it has got Brings too! Drummer Christian Blüm (55) tested positive, the whole band is now in quarantine.

The popular Cologne rock band (“Superjeilezick”) was supposed to play a live concert this Saturday in the Bergheim-Niederaussem drive-in cinema, but nothing will come of it. “The band is completely in quarantine,” reports Peter Brings (56).

In a video message from his garden, he says: “Christian wasn’t doing well yesterday. He couldn’t taste or smell. ”A rapid test was positive. That evening he drove to the airport to do a PCR test. Until the result is available, all band members remain in quarantine.

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Small consolation for all fans who have tickets for the concert in the drive-in cinema: There will be a recording of the concert in Porz. Volker Weininger, JP Weber and the Swinging Funfarers are expected as guests.

If you don’t want to come, you will get the money back, promises Peter Brings. The band would prefer something different: “If you want to show solidarity, you can also donate the money, because the organizer and our technicians are also at the limit.”

For Christian, Peter Brings asks: “Let’s light a candle for him so that it doesn’t get too bad.”


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