Drought getting worse: somehow Germany wants rain

It’s beautiful: lots of sun, blue skies, great temperatures. But now it should rain again.

Seen across Germany, spring has only met 38 percent of its rain target so far. Spring is already 66 percent over.

“The north of Germany is particularly affected by the drought, especially the Brandenburg region. But even in the very west of Germany it is clearly too dry,” says qualified meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the German Weather Service to BILD.

In the top layers of soil there is drought stress for the plants. The local showers on Saturday – “nothing more than a drop in the ocean”.

The Northeast especially wants rain. The May 1 map shows the drought from 0 to 1.8 meters deep Photo: wetter.net

April was too warm, too dry and brought far too much sunshine. After a precipitation deficit of a good 90 percent in March, April 2022 was unable to compensate for any of this. And May could also be marked by far too much drought.

Diplom meteorologist Dominik Jung from wetter.net to BILD: “If May is also very dry, then the overall balance for spring 2022 looks rather bleak. In Hamburg, for example, there hasn’t been a drop of rain since April 13, 2022, and there is still no rain in sight for the Hanseatic city.”

The driest places so far are Wiesenburg (Brandenburg) with 11.1 liters, Boltenhagen with 14.8 liters, Grünow with 18.7 and Leipzig with 21.1. Hardly any rain has fallen there since March 1st.

Young: “Damn little. 10 liters is a green watering can on an area of ​​one meter by one.”

climatologist dr. Karsten Brandt from Donnerwetter.de says to BILD: “Lack of rain is typical for these northern locations. Air masses with little water vapor and cool air come to us from Scandinavia and the Baltic States. As long as that’s the case, not much happens. In some cases, three to five liters per square meter evaporate here every day due to the wind and the sun. The few showers at the weekend don’t really compensate. It looks better in the south. The ground there is wetter and there will be more rain over the weekend as well.”

Cloudy weather at Chiemsee

Cloudy weather at ChiemseePhoto: Sven Hoppe/dpa

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

  • Thursday: 14 to 20 degrees, clouds in the south due to a high altitude low, the sun hardly has a chance that day, nicer and dry to the north
  • Friday: 15 to 22 degrees, often sun and clouds, hardly any showers and beautiful
  • Saturday: 16 to 21 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, in the middle and in the south again showers and thunderstorms
  • Mother’s Day: 14 to 21 degrees, nice weather for the mothers, even the showers and thunderstorms in the south are mostly taking a break today
  • Monday: 16 to 22 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, mostly dry
  • Tuesday: 18 to 26 degrees, nice May weather, a summer day is possible
  • Wednesday: 18 to 27 degrees, May summer is here, lots of sun, hardly any clouds

weather expert Jung; “The most beautiful day of this week will be Sunday, although that might also count towards next week? Doesn’t matter! In any case, on Mother’s Day it looks great all over Germany. Sunday brings hardly any showers or thunderstorms, mostly it is dry across the country.”

And weather expert Brandt says: “Even the farmer’s rules already know: As it was in April and May, so will the weather throughout the year. Dryness in spring is a sign that the weather patterns are also dragging into summer. So it could be the next dry year.”


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