DRK vaccination team: “We hope to be able to vaccinate 50 to 100 seniors per shift”

On Sunday, this four-person mobile DRK vaccination team is deployed in an ambulance in old people’s homes in Saxony: Lars Werthmann (36, chief logistician of the DRK Saxony), Björn Händler (29, DRK train driver), Peter Ebert (26, paramedic), Juliane Strauss (22, paramedic).

There is also a doctor. Lars Werthmann: “The vaccine is cooled to minus 70 degrees and delivered in small ampoules of five doses each. We mix the white powder with approx. Two milliliters of saline solution on site. We hope to always create 50 to 100 seniors per shift. ”

And these ladies are already waiting for them:

“I trust the doctors”

Gudrun Muller (91)

Gudrun Müller (91) could not see children and grandchildren for a long timePhoto: Pastierovic

In the old people’s and nursing home in Radeberg (Saxony), Gudrun Müller (91) is longingly waiting for the injection:

“If you keep seeing the coffins with the dead, you think every day whether you will be going to heaven next. The worst part was not being allowed to see my son Andreas, my daughter Karin and the three grandchildren. This loneliness makes you very meschugge. I trust the doctors that I will survive the vaccination in good health even at my old age. I hope to be able to embrace my family again in January. “

“I want to see my family again”

Maria Pussy (93)

Maria Möse (93) misses the family and the ladies’ tablePhoto: Theo Klein

Maria Möse (93) lives in the Red Cross nursing home in Plattling (Deggendorf district), will be vaccinated on Sunday:

“I’m so happy when Corona is all over. The pandemic made me lonely. Only my son Klaus (69) can visit me. Maybe soon we will be able to live again as we did before Corona. Then I can see my family again and our ladies’ table will take place again. Hopefully there will be trips back to the mountains by bus. “

DRK vaccination team:
Photo: BILD


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