Dresden: Tyrant Putin gets house ban in regular pub

Dresden – In GDR times, the former Soviet agent and current warmonger Waldimir Putin (69) had a really good time in the Dresden cult pub “Am Thor”. After work, the then KGB officer sat down in the beer bar, ordered Radeberger and ate sausage meat.

But in Putin’s hangout in Dresden, after his bloody invasion of Ukraine, there is only a lack of understanding about the Russian president.

The Thor workforce is now showing solidarity with Ukraine. Donations are collected there for the war refugees. Landlord Joachim Müller (64): “The team undertakes to donate ten percent of the tip every day to Ukrainian refugees.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (69) liked to drink Radeberger in the Dresden pub

Photo: Stasi Records Authority Dresden

And for Putin there are CHANCTIONS. A few years ago, the Putin shrine in the pub, which commemorated the president, was dismantled, and now he is considered an undesirable person in his favorite pub.

Wirt Müller to BILD: “I banned him for life.” Putin is currently the only one on the list. In Müller’s eyes, Putin was long considered “quiet, reserved and matter-of-fact”, and in the pub the small beer was once even called the “Putin mug”.t.

The restaurant

The restaurant “Am Thor” on the main street in Dresden

Photo: Olaf Rentsch

But today it has turned 180 degrees. “Now he’s a war criminal,” said Müller. “If he turns up here again at some point in his life, he can turn on his heel and look at the door from the outside again.”

The staff donates ten percent of the tip

The staff donates ten percent of the tip

Photo: Olaf Rentsch


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