Dresden prison: Racism chat with suspended prison officials

Dresden – Saxony’s Green Justice Minister Katja Meier (40) had her first scandal in the summer of 2020 for less than a year.

Six guards (29-57) from the Dresden prison are said to have tortured, mistreated and beaten foreign prisoners. The prison officials were suspended. Now comes out: The officials have apparently celebrated their alleged racist acts glorifyingly on WhatsApp. That reports the “Focus”.

According to the news magazine, messages from the chat that are “racist and inhuman” were leaked to the news magazine.

Saxony’s Justice Minister Katja Meier (Greens)

Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / dpa

The public prosecutor had already brought charges against the public servants last summer. The allegations in detail:

  • Two accused are said to have knocked an Afghan prisoner to the ground on July 12, 2018. According to the prosecution, they then beat the man’s head and torso with their fists. A third officer is said to have watched without intervening.
  • A week later, three officers are said to have attacked a Tunisian. According to Chief Public Prosecutor Jürgen Schmidt, they “brought the prisoner to the ground, handcuffed his hands and kicked and hit the upper body several times, causing the injured person to suffer from bruises in the upper body and pain.”
  • A third incident occurred on August 13th: “A suspect is accused of pushing a Moroccan prisoner (…) into his submerged cell in such a way that he slipped and his head against the door frame of the toilet door The victim suffered a bleeding wound on his head.

Jörg Herold (41), spokesman for the Minister of Justice, told BILD at the time: “The officers are suspended from duty.”

Since then, the case has been in the district court. And now apparently with “Focus”, which for the first time gives details of the alleged acts. Accordingly, especially Arabs and North Africans were “insulted and mocked”: Foreign prisoners were referred to as “Mister crooked nose” and “wankers”.

Two prisoners have been “applauded like carp on the mainland”, and another has been “pounded out”. Alleged reaction in a colleague’s chat: “Great!”

The public prosecutor’s office came across the WhatsApp group “G1” (stands for the wing in which the guards worked) while evaluating one of the accused’s cell phones. It was a completely different case.

According to the news magazine, the suspects admit at least indirectly in the chat “that they sometimes cross borders when dealing with problematic prisoners. They are careful not to get caught. ”Messages such as“ Don’t exaggerate, at least not visible ”or“ Leave no traces ”can be found.

However, the other side is also documented. It is written that Arabs permanently refer to the officials as “Nazis”, “threaten them, even physically attack them.”

Unrepentant prisoners evidently felt the frustration of the staff. “Focus” quotes from the chat: “Mister crooked nose … wanted a fire and didn’t see our negative attitude at all. Knocked on the cell door and wanted to fuck my mother … “” 9:28 pm he kissed the ward corridor and promised improvement … Fire was no longer an issue. ”

Or also: “The wanker who attacked colleagues in House B was in the bunker. Unfortunately he then hid in the corner behind the mattress. It was probably too bright in his face because of the flashlights. “

“Open the door, we in. Suddenly the mattress fell over and all three of us were so shocked that the right half of the delinquent’s face was reflexively massaged … when a feather-light 88 kg stood on his head, all of his joints were then massaged and his kidneys knocked out. .. “

Elsewhere it is written: “Two Arabs did not want to go into their detention room that was flooded with water. We had to push them in. Since the two of them couldn’t surf, they of course applauded like carp on the mainland. “

“Looked really cool, how it wanked her. One of them even souped the back of the head … “

According to “Focus”, the accused deny that they actually committed the crimes. One of them claimed to the editors: “The chat entries were just stupid chatter at the regulars ‘table”: “The incidents described there – from his point of view nothing more than necessary measures for the prisoners’ own protection and for the safety of the prison staff.”

The responsible district court has still not decided whether to allow the main hearing against the suspended officials. Approximately 650 prisoners are currently housed in the Dresden JVA. Around a third come from abroad.

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