Dresden: Pensioners (82) have to go to the Elbschloss because 1.5 million euros are missing

Dresden – The castle of Odol millionaire Karl August Lingner (1861 – 1916) on the Loschwitz Elbe slope. Sweating, a sprightly pensioner heaves concrete sacks, lays carpets, mixes cement, plastered walls: Dr. Peter Lenk (82).

The chairman of the board of the “Förderverein Lingnerschloss eV” (300 members) now works almost every day to complete the castle.

Peter Lenk: “Since March 2020 we have had no income or donations due to Corona. Because we are still missing 1.5 million euros for the renovation of the ballroom, we cannot pay any craftsmen and companies, I do the work myself. After all, I used to renovate my single-family house at the Weißen Hirsch almost alone. “

The club boss is now personally plastering this wall of the ballroom

Photo: Picxell

He gets the mortar for little money from the hardware store, he donates tools or is given a loan. Three men, supported by the state through the “Social Participation” project, often lend a hand like another member of the association. Because z. B. with the large plasterboard several must touch.

The drudgery of the 82-year-old did not go unnoticed. “A building contractor from Dresden who saw me working wants to send a group of workers in return for a donation receipt. Another even donated 80 chairs, ”said Lenk.

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So that weddings can be celebrated again soon, Dr. Lenk red carpet

Photo: Picxell

Since the association took over the castle for 66 years by leasehold contract in 2003, it has already been renovated for around 18 million euros.

Lenk’s great hope: “That we can really get started again in summer with events, restaurants and family celebrations.”

Because after the ballroom, he still has a heartfelt wish: “The wonderful organ from castle owner Lingner is to be installed again later.”

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Lime and sand are mixed in the mason vat

Photo: Picxell


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