Dresden: Fuss about new reporting hotline


Dresden – The posters have been hanging all over the city for a week. “Noise” can be read on it in large letters, including “488 63 33” and “Ordnungsamt”. But there is a lot of turmoil surrounding the Dresden city administration’s campaign.

“A parking offense in front of the lowered curb? The neighbor is still having a loud party after midnight? The dog owner lets her dog run freely in the public playground? Citizens can report these and other violations of order and security in Dresden under the service number (03 51) 4 88 63 33. ”This is how the city sells its campaign in a message.

But what the administration declares as a contribution to security and order, the head of the FDP city council faction, Holger Zastrow (52), is very upset. The hotline of the public order office clearly overshoots the target, it is “inciting to denounce”.

“In the middle of a time when hopes and livelihoods are being destroyed, citizens were asked to keep an eye on each other’s fingers. “You can’t act more insensitively and inappropriately. It is terribly reminiscent of the block guardianship of bygone times, ”the liberal rages.

The well-known entrepreneur and top Dresden restaurateur Steffen Zuber (56, “Estancia”) vented his anger via Facebook. “I am shocked. Financed with taxpayers’ money, the mayor calls out: ‘Denounce your neighbor!’ In a country where the Stasi has persecuted, expropriated and mistreated people for 30 years. “

For the scolded mayor Detlef Sittel (53, CDU), on the other hand, the hotline is an “important municipal service”, a helpful reference to the “command and control center” and “a central contact point for citizens about regulatory or security violations Report to. And that also outside of regular office hours, ”says Sittel proudly. There are up to 150 calls a day. Incidentally, that relieves the 110 of the police.


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