Dresden: Deported family switched to the state parliament

Of: m. Tabaczynski and c. lord

Dresden – Left and Green youth want to bring the family of nine – who were deported to Georgia – back!

The Imerlishvilis had gone through all judicial instances, had been required to leave the country since November 2020, and were then deported in June 2021.

On Tuesday, the left demanded a “right of residence offensive for tolerated foreigners” in the state parliament. The deported family was also connected to the press conference via video.

In tears, Lika Imerlishvili (11) said: “Please just get us back, I don’t want to be here anymore.”

When asked by an LVZ reporter whether one had to pull an eleven-year-old child in front of the camera, supporter Jörg Eichler (45) from the Saxon Refugee Council said: “That is of course borderline and you have to do it together with those affected.”

What is often said to be a minor matter in the asylum case: The father had committed several offenses. Eichler emphasizes: “For seven years” there has been “nothing more”. This is a “picture book story” of successful rehabilitation.

Charlotte Henke (19) from the Green Youth attacked the coalition partner CDU. The deportations are instrumentalized for the “election campaign of the CDU”. This is “inhuman and repulsive”.

CDU domestic politician Rico Anton (44) referred to the “constitutional procedure” at the beginning of the week: “This is applicable law and non-negotiable for the CDU parliamentary group.”


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