Drama at EM game in court: rusted balcony, man severely disabled

Hamburg – “My whole life is turned upside down.”

Shocking conclusion of the former heating installer Fabian B. (30) in the district court.

June 16, 2016: Germany is playing against Poland in the European Football Championship – and the then 26-year-old falls from the balcony on the 1st floor in Grenzacker Street.

Accident victim: Fabian B. (39) in the district court

Photo: Martin Brinckmann

B. testified on Monday: “We only wanted to smoke one. A friend needed the ashtray. I’m a step back, leaning against the railing. I fell.”

B. fell with his back on a granite table.

The result: two operations, blood poisoning, coma, long-term rehab.

It now stood: “I can only walk a few meters with the crutch.”

Two board members of the building cooperative Hamburger Wohnen eG and the caretaker are accused.

They are accused of negligent bodily harm because, according to the public prosecutor’s office, the grille had started to rust and was dilapidated.

Fabian B. is 100% severely disabled: “I wanted to start a family. I can’t play soccer or basketball anymore. All my hobbies are lost. ”

He is a joint plaintiff in the trial.

The judge: “What do you expect from the trial?”

B: “My life is less worth living than what I had to expect. You can’t put a figure on that. ”

The defendants did not comment. The process continues.


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