Dortmund-Unna: Autobahn junction becomes high-flyer

Dortmund – When the cross becomes a circle …

In the future, two huge round high-flyers will guide traffic through the Dortmund-Unna junction. Straßen.NRW is completely rebuilding the important traffic junction at which the A44 and A1 meet for 265 million euros.

And moves away from the classic design of the clover leaf. “In the cloverleaf, the speed of the interweaving of traffic goes way down. Due to the heavy traffic, there was often a backlog on the A44, ”explains Rainer Müller (56), project manager for planning the conversion.

This traffic jam should no longer exist in the future. Streets.NRW has examined the cross and identified two connections that are particularly heavily loaded.

Coming from Werl on the A44, take the A1 towards Cologne. And coming from Dortmund on the A44 in the direction of Bremen. These two connections will be handled more smoothly in the future with a high-flyer.

In addition, Straßen.NRW is expanding the A44 to six lanes over 5.5 kilometers (36 meters wide) up to the Unna-Ost exit, and building 23 bridges.

When does it start? Still unclear! The planning approval can be viewed until November 16. Residents could still complain against it. When the first excavator starts rolling at some point, it will take ten years to complete.


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