Dortmund: Illegal race with a small child (2) on board

Dortmund – An Audi driver (21) and a man (23) in a Peugeot fought an illegal race in Dortmund on Thursday at 180 km / h! In the back seat of the Audi, in which a total of five people sat, a two-year-old child!

At around 10.30 p.m., an officer from the Kamen motorway police station on the A44 watched the speeders chasing across the motorway with flashing lights and quick lane changes without flashing lights. The policeman followed the vehicles and notified the control center in the police headquarters.

The wild ride led over the A44, the B 1 and the B236 to Borsigplatz. There the police stopped the Audi and a little later also the Peugeot. The police secured the British driver’s license of the Audis driver, the vehicle license issued in Romania, two cell phones and both cars.

The Audi driver lives in Schwerte. The man behind the wheel in the Peugeot comes from Romania. Since he does not have a place of residence in Germany, he had to pay a security deposit of 700 euros.

The police have initiated criminal proceedings.


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