Dortmund: car crashes into advertising pole – driver seriously injured

Dortmund – Much was broken during this accident drive.

At around 10.30 a.m., the fire department in Dortmund received the emergency call on Tuesday. A car drove in front of an advertising board in the Lanstrop district. It fell on the car. The driver (78) has been trapped.

The overturned mast was secured with a crane

Photo: Stefan Quinting / Fire Department Dortmu

For a previously unexplained cause, the senior had lost control of his car and raced across the sidewalk at an intersection. After he had run over a street sign and tore a lantern from its anchorage, he had come to a halt under the advertising sign for a “Netto” market.

Teaser picture

The driver was seriously injured

Photo: Stefan Quinting / Fire Department Dortmu

Passers-by looked after the trapped driver until the emergency services arrived. The injured person was freed using various devices and then taken to hospital.

The destroyed advertising sign was dismantled so that it poses no further danger.


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