Don’t forget to charge at public place, even by stealing smartphones, data, hackers can clear account, that’s how to protect

Often we are out of the house and our phone battery starts running out, so we are in a hurry to charge our phone with the charger located at the public place. You do not even know how dangerous it can prove to be. Actually, these charging points are monitored by hackers. They leak the data of your phone and you do not even know about it.

This is how hackers hunt
You will often find such charging points at public places like railway stations, bus stops, malls etc. Hackers find their prey at such charging points where more people charge their phones. If you charge your phone with the USB installed at these charging points, then the login and login of the existing bank apps, the password and data of the UPI app including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, goes to the hackers. This USB copies all the data of your phone, after which the hackers clean your bank account.

Malware installs
Not only this, hackers install viruses in your phone with the help of this USB, which will charge the phone, the data will also be copied. Hackers make it according to how long they have to steal data. In this, data is copied through cookies.

Here’s how to protect
To avoid becoming the target of such hackers, always keep the power bank with you or use your own data cable. In case of emergency, if you have to check the phone at the public place, then close the mobile and charge with your own cable. Charging the phone off and on cannot result in data transfer.

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