Don’t buy Fake Airpods considering it to be real somewhere, find out with these tricks

Apple’s price tag on a set of AirPods may lead you to look for cheaper deals elsewhere. You can get AirPods for a very low price, but you need to be careful that you don’t bring home a pair of fake AirPods instead. Fake AirPods can range from clean knock-offs to almost linseed, but if you look closely enough you can always tell the difference between a fake and a real one. Before buying any AirPods, use the five steps below to check if they are genuine.

Ways to differentiate between faux and fake AirPods

1. Pay attention to packaging

It’s often possible to spot counterfeit AirPods before you even open the packaging. Actually it is good to check before opening the package because if you do not open the box then you have the best chance of getting a refund.

What to look for on the box?

Apple sometimes changes the packaging design for its products, so the packaging of your AirPods may look different from the pictures you find online. Genuine AirPods will never have typos or pixelated images, while many fake ones do.

Read all text carefully and look at each image in your AirPods box carefully to look for mistakes. Any typos, double spaces, or low-quality photos show that you’ve got a fake AirPods.

what to see inside the box

The best knock-off AirPods come just right on the outside of the packaging. They can also be wrapped with plastic. But that doesn’t mean the AirPods inside are genuine. Open the box and keep with it to look for typos and mistakes in documents.

2. Look at the AirPods and Case for Design Shortcomings

Second-hand AirPods often don’t come with any packaging, but you can still spot a fake set by looking at the AirPods carefully.

How to spot fake Airpods?

Visit Apple’s website and compare 360-degree AirPod animations with the AirPods you’re looking to buy. If you find any differences such as extra holes or a misaligned hole, you may have a fake set.

One way to distinguish fake and genuine Airpods is that the original Airpods have an oval-shaped grille, while most knock-offs make it circular. Similarly, the original AirPods Pro don’t have a grille at all, but a lot of fake ones still have it there.

How to spot fake charging case?

Fake AirPods often come with an oversized charging case. You should see a setup button at the back and a single status light on the front.

3. Fake AirPods weigh less than the original

Most knock-off AirPods use cheaper materials than the official Apple ones. This means that they are often very light. If possible, use a set of scales to weigh both the AirPods and the charging case.

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